About Us

Buccaneer Tech is founded by mobile industry veteran and Coder Radio host Michael Dominick.

We specialize in building containerized web applications and containerizing existing applications. By using Docker to containerize your applications, we can put your organization on track to reduce downtime and better integrate your development and operations processes.

Let Buccaneer help you find the best way to develop and deploy your app.

We’ve worked with:

Yaphet S.

They worked with me on integrating software with my website and what impressed me the most wast the speed of communication, and the speed at which the job was completed on time and on budget. They were accessible, and immediately knew what I wanted to accomplish. I look forward to the same service as we plan future projects.

Mark B.

Great experience with Chris and Buccaneer, they understood the scope and timeframe and met all the requirements. I would work again with them in a second.

Robert H.

Great working with Buccaneer Tech. Their quality is top notch and their customer service is great.


What We Do


We focus on one thing — keeping your mission critical software running with as little downtime as possible and maximum resiliency. Using Docker and other containerization technologies we are able to transform even legacy applications to fully take advantage of containerization and the latest in DevOps methodologies.


Docker allows us to efficiently containerize your application and bring it forward to harness the latest advantages that containerization has to offer.

The Cloud

Let us sail on the cloud of your choice with you. We have experience with popular cloud platforms inclduing AWS & Azure.

Progressive Web Apps

Using the latest in PWA development techniques, your containerized application can have adaptive capabilities and interfaces on all screens and devices from the phone to the desktop.

Open Source

Our commitment to open-source allows us to bring the best of the open-source software community to your business.


Our Blog


How to Persist Docker Logs

How to Persist Docker Logs You can deploy all kinds of software packages and applications with Docker and there's a lot of very good reasons to do that, but a lot of new Docker users get tripped up on logging. They don't know initially that each time a container is...

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Installing Docker on macOS

Installing Docker on macOS Docker is great for Linux servers but I know that many of you based on your emails are working on macOS for your local development but would still like to get the advantages of working in Docker. Thanks to the maturing of Docker itself,...

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How to Setup Dokku on RHEL

How to Setup Dokku on RHEL Working in a large enterprise can be great especially if you're working on Linux systems and able to take advantage of some of the great trends in the open-source community, such as one of my favorites Dokku. But why does it seem that the...

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