IT leaders are busy. Really, really busy. Between managing developers, DBAs, and stakeholder expectations it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s a better way to solve this problem and that’s by leveraging automation and bots. For example these three common time-consuming tasks can benefit greatly from automation.

  1. Status Updates: Stakeholders need to know how the project is going and if the technical team is facing any blockers that might delay the ship date. We get it, but do you really need to spend hours writing status reports by hand? All of the relevant data already exists in your team’s issues tracker and source control system. That means that a bot can integrate with those systems and generate the vast majority of the report if not the entire report for you.
  2. Regression Testing: As the manager of the project, you’re the last line of defense before a potential showstopper bug ends up in the hands of stakeholders. Manual testing is both time-consuming and expensive and you often won’t have the time or budget to fully regression test every change, especially those last minute “polish” changes. If you setup automated regression testing, each automated test will be run on each commit made to your source control system and the status of your test suite (whether it passes) will be automatically reported to you and the development team.
  3. Deployments: “It worked on my machine.” How many times have you heard that from your development team when hours of work deploying software turns up a large number of significant issues. The problem is actually that you’re not deploying frequently enough, because it’s an arduous, time-consuming, manual process for your team. The solution is to actually deploy more frequently at least to a staging or test environment that mirrors the production one. The good news is that deployments can be automated to the point that every commit or pull request will trigger a new build and deployment to your staging environment with not direct intervention from a developer.

Automating these three processes will save you a ton of time and if you’re looking for more processes that can be automated check out the extended PDF version of this checklist that includes two bonus automation tips completely free.