Installing Docker on macOS

Docker is great for Linux servers but I know that many of you based on your emails are working on macOS for your local development but would still like to get the advantages of working in Docker. Thanks to the maturing of Docker itself, there are now two ways to run it locally on macOS.

The preferred way to handle this is to simply install the Docker Mac app as you would any other app by simply downloading the dmg and dragging the app bundle into you applications directory. While this is the preferred way to install Docker on macOS, there is catch that might force you to look for an alternative: this method requires the Hypervisor framework that was first released in macOS version 10.10.

The alternative is to install the Docker Toolbox. This works with most recent versions of macOS but requires that you also install Virtual Box on your system. We only recommend this if you are running on a version of macOS older than 10.10.

I hope you find that helpful and if you’re interested in taking the next steps toward containerization, then go ahead and fill out the form on this page for a special offer!