How to Setup Dokku on RHEL

Working in a large enterprise can be great especially if you’re working on Linux systems and able to take advantage of some of the great trends in the open-source community, such as one of my favorites Dokku. But why does it seem that the Ubuntu guys get to have all the fun? What about Red Hat Enterprise Linux? Well, if you’re living in a RHEL world and have been green with envy at your Ubuntu (or some other distro friends), then go download this guide and learn how to install Dokku on your RHEL box!

A few notes on the guide:

  • It assumes RHEL 7 but should be compatible with most other recent versions.
  • It takes into the default configuration of RHEL on Amazon EC2, however, it should work for in house systems as well.
  • In a very general way, it assumes you don’t have an extremely rigid firewall in terms of HTTP and ports.

Here’s another little tip, if you download the guide, there’s a special offer that comes with it!