3 Awesome iOS 10 SDK APIs

iOS 10 will be officially released to the public on September 13th and the iOS 10 SDK brings a number of new interesting features to the platform including three of our favorites: Speech Recognition, SiriKit, and iMessage Apps.

The speech recognition API is a very welcomed edition to the iOS SDK. It brings powerful speech recognition capabilities to every iOS developer big or small and to get a basic version of it working in your app doesn’t take very much code at all:

let recognizer = SFSpeechRecognizer()
let request = SFSpeechURLRecognitionRequest(url: audioFileURL)
recognizer?.recognitionTask(with: request, resultHandler: { (result, error) in
print (result?.bestTranscription.formattedString)

Our bet is that voice interaction is going to become a vital part of mobile apps and wider user interface design as a whole thanks in part to Apple democratizing this technology. If you want to give your app an edge against the competition, then you should consider adding voice recognition.

SiriKit is exactly what it sounds like – a way for your app to provide it’s services via Siri. Apple demoed one of the many possibilities of integration with Siri with Lyft, an Uber competitor who allows users to book car rides. SiriKit is not just limited to booking a car.

Messaging is one of the current tech battlegrounds both for ambitious startups and tech giants. Apple is providing a few APIs for enhancing the user experience of not only their iMessage app but also messaging in general. Stickers are of course a simple implementation of custom 2D graphics in iMessage. More interestingly Apple has added Messages “apps” which are a lot like Facebook Messenger bots. At their core, these iMessage “apps” are text-based programs that allow users to do simple but useful things, like order flowers from 1-800-FLOWERS or a Pizza from Dominos right from the iMessage app.

If you’ve got an iOS app or app idea, there’s never been a better time to jump into the Apple ecosystem and we’re here to help with a free concept evaluation that includes a complete free blueprint for taking your app from concept to launch.