Apple Might Pull Your App!

Apps are living pieces of software and need to be kept up to date. That’s a fact. Unfortunately, a lot of app owners have not been keeping their apps up to date and are simply allowing them to rot on the App Store. By doing this they are creating a polluted environment of tens of thousands of out of date and (in some cases) broken apps. Even in cases where your app isn’t functionally broken, you’re doing your app business a huge disservice by not keeping up with the changes in the iOS SDK and Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. For instance, apps that haven’t been update since iOS 6 may still work but look nothing modern iOS apps, making them far less attractive to potential users.

Apple up until this point has been fairly patient with these wayward app owners but their patience has run out. Effective immediately Apple will be going through the App Store looking for apps that have not been properly maintained and ultimately will remove them from the App Store. Yes, you read that correctly. Effective today, if you do not properly maintain your iOS app, Apply may at any point remove it from the App Store.

Not to be too blunt about the matter, but your app isn’t going to generate any value for your business if it’s not available for users to download. It is essential to protect your investment and bring your app up to compliance today. The good news is that many of the same steps to bring your app into compliance are also best practices that will optimize your app to stand out against the competition.

We’re here to help and want to offer you a free App Compliance Evaluation to protect the investment you’ve made in your app.