Open-Source Picks 2015

Thanksgiving is a time of year that we all take stock of the people, places, and things that we are thankful for. Here at Buccaneer, we’re extremely thankful for and reliant on open-source. This year we’ve picked two of our favorite everyday use projects.

Electron: Electron is a Github project that makes it easy to make powerful desktop-class applications using web technologies for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. It’s currently being used in a number of commercial and open-source projects, such as Atom and Visual Studio Code. One of the key features of Electron is that it takes care to provide near-native integration with the user’s OS, following the correct design paradigms for it whenever possible.

Ionic Framework: Ok, so we’re cheating a little with this one here, since Ionic includes a number of open-source projects like Cordova and AngularJS, but we’re just really excited about Ionic. So excited in fact that we used it to develop our newest app, Backpoints. The basic goal of the framework is to make developing hybrid apps that have near native performance and user experiences efficient and developer-friendly. If you’re thinking about developing an HTML5-based hybrid mobile app, then you need to take a look at Ionic.

What do you think? Share your thoughts on our picks on Twitter and if you have a web or mobile development project that you’d like to get off the ground, contact us via the contact form on this page!