Reaction: iPad Pro

Earlier this week Apple released the iPad Pro. It is also Apple’s latest attempt to boost what have been described as flagging iPad sales. This entry into the iPad line is designed to bring their mobile devices to more professional and and productivity oriented users. Of course, there are the obvious cases of graphics professionals and architects, but there is so much potential for more opportunity for this device if developers can efficiently harness its capabilities.

From a development perspective, any technologies that work on any other iOS device will work on the Pro, but we feel pretty strongly that the best way to develop software for the Pro is using Apple’s native toolkit. This is mostly due to the need to take advantage of the new multi-tasking APIs as well as performance concerns; this last point becomes doubly prescient if you want to make use of the Apple Pencil’s advanced functionality in your app.

An iPad Pro app would be a more powerful / feature rich version of a normal iOS app and approach near desktop application class functionality. Where traditional iOS apps tend to be simplified versions of full-scale desktop / web applications or companion apps for more sophisticated software, ideally apps designed for iPad Pro should be full-scale desktop replacements.

We’re very excited about the iPad Pro and the new class of device that it represents for iOS and Apple in general. If you’ve got a pro-level tablet app that you’ve been thinking of having developed, contact us to get it done!