Custom or Packaged?

Since there has been line of business software, there’s been the debate over whether it makes sense to do custom developed solutions or purchase an out of the box tool from an enterprise packages vendor. Like any question worth asking, it depends on your business needs and budget, but before you invest potentially tens of thousands of dollars on an out of the box solution, think about the potential benefits of going custom.

One Size Fits Few: It’s unlikely that any packaged solution will be exactly 100% what you need. The more common case is that these skus are developed with certain business cases of businesses that fit a certain profile in terms of size and structure. If you fit the mold, then a packaged solution would likely work for you but if you’re like the many small to medium sized enterprises we’ve worked with, then those packages might not be such a great fit for you, as the provide too much unneeded functionality that you not only don’t need but will make the package difficult for your employees to use on a day to day basis.

Cost: It’s a pretty common misconception that custom solutions are always more expensive to develop than pre-packaged alternatives are to license. We’ve often found that due to our ability to develop a solution that is tailored to your business needs, we can develop a custom solution that’s cost-competitive if not more affordable than most large enterprise packages.

Your Process: You need a vendor who ‘gets’ your process and is invested in providing a solution that works with it and helps to refine it, not just a rep pushing a package on you. Time and again, we’ve found that just going through the discovery process for a custom solution reveals real time and money saving efficiencies that a custom solution could take advantage of that would be impossible otherwise.

Take a look at all of your options for your next line of business application and make sure that a custom developed solution from Buccaneer is on that list. You will not be disappointed!