On Cross Platform Line of Business Apps

Developing an app for your business has always been a challenge and with today’s numerous software development platforms purporting to get your app on multiple platforms, it’s easy to get lead into building as system that’s not ideal for your business needs. When picking a technology and by extension a vendor for your app project, keep these three important factors affecting the modern business IT landscape in mind: BYOD (bring your own device), software licensing costs, long-term platform support.

Your employees aren’t just using the devices that your IT team issues them anymore. They’re bringing all sorts of iOS and Android devices from home and expect your line of business applications to work on them. Using our hybrid HTML5 technology your app would be deployable on all of your employee’s iOS and Android devices.

Fortunes have been lost on licensing proprietary software development platforms. The story’s usually the same — at first it seems cheaper to get up and running with a proprietary solution but over time the licensing fees start to grow and grow to the point where it becomes less affordable than the open-source alternatives.

In addition to having a great cost of ownership proprietary mobile app development platforms have the disadvantage of being dependent on one commercial vendor to maintain them. In today’s mobile market of both iOS and Android seeing major updates on an annual basis, this is simply untenable. Open HTML5-based platforms (such as Apache Cordova are backed by the open-source community in addition to a number of commercial vendors who dedicate developer hours to keeping them up to date with the leading mobile platforms of today.

Cross platform development is all about making the right trade-offs between development time and native functionality. Let us help guide your project toward an HTML5 solution that will meet your business needs on all of your employees’ devices.