WWDC 2015 Highlights

Missed the WWDC keynote from Apple earlier today? No problem. We watched it for you and have what we think are going to be the top three items to watch for mobile app entrepreneurs.

Split Screen iPad: The iPad has been in need of some attention for the last year or so to really drive home the message that the iPad is a productivity tool rather than just a media consumption device. Today, Apple announced that iOS 9 will bring split screen functionality very similar to what Surface users see in Windows 8 to the iPad. This is a great addition and allows apps to be considered as interoperable rather than silos. Productivity apps in particular would be wise to leverage this new functionality as soon as possible.

WatchOS 2.0: Apple Watch has been plagued with poorly performing apps, often experiencing lag and user input delays that are just not acceptable for many users. That all changes with WatchOS 2.0! The new version of the WatchOS will allow developers to make native experiences that execute code on the watch itself rather than on an iPhone and simply projecting the view to the watch via an extension. A lot remains unclear as to the limitations of the WatchKit native framework but it’s pretty clear that for those who want the best user experience on Apple Watch, native applications will be the go to solution.

Siri: Developers have long been begging Apple to open Siri to their apps and allow apps to interact with her. Today, we saw a step in the right direction with Apple introducing Siri deep linking. What this does is allow Siri to search the contents of apps and render views from them in response to user queries. As of now, it’s unclear how deeply third-parties will be able to integrate with Siri but even the little we saw in the keynote opens great opportunities for all kinds of app.

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