Welcome, Microsoft!

Here at Buccaneer we could not be happier about Microsoft recent transition into embracing open-source software and open development as a whole. In fact, we think it’s one of the most important steps that the company has taken in over a decade to re-connect with the development community and general direction the industry is headed. We hope that for the benefit of both Microsoft and the technology community as a whole that this is a trend that they continue. As it stands, you can see Microsoft source code on Github along with source code for their Javascript replacement, Typescript.What does this mean? Well, it means a few things.

First of all by virtue of the source being open it means that there are now more eyeballs looking at it and that it is likely that they will catch potential security issues that otherwise might not have been noticed under the limitations of even the largest of corporate teams. This is one of the benefits that if it works, you’ll never really “feel”, since it is preventing something bad from happening rather than making your day to day development easier.

Microsoft has also stated that they are accepting contributions from the community as a whole. This is a huge change both for them and I suspect for the .Net / Microsoft development space as a whole, since it will give the community a much stronger voice in the direction of those projects that are open-source and open to contribution.

Given the rhetoric out of Microsoft and what we saw at the Build Tour New York (sorry if we missed you by the way), it seems that Microsoft intends to keep moving in this very positive direction and will continue to expand its community involvement.