Google IO 2015

We here at Buccaneer watched Google IO with bated breath this year. Though there wasn't a huge hardware announcement as there had been in previous years, we're betting that a few things from this year's IO are going to have a huge impact on the development landscape for months to come.

Google Now Additions: Google is making a big bet on Google Now and by doing so is making the Android platform a very compelling development target. One of the primary features that Android users and developers are going to get is increased integration with Google Now. For the initial months of Android M's release having an innovative Now integration will likely be a differentiating factor for developers and app publishers willing to go that extra mile.

Brillo / Weave: Internet of things is likely to be the next tech battleground and an open market for software innovation. Google is releasing two technologies Weave and Brillo that it hopes will become the standard for IOT devices. Being based on Android, Brillo will be a efficient platform to develop your IOT applications for; if you're interested in discussing an IOT project once Brillo is fully released, we're happy to help.

Android M: M brings a number of improvements for both users and developers that will allow better and more seamless experiences. We're particularly excited about the closer integration of Chrome into apps that should allow for cleaner experiences when using HTML / web-based technologies in apps if even for only part of the app. Also, M will deal with user app permissions in a much more granular way, allowing for trust to be built between app publishers and their users -- additionally, this removes the all or nothing proposition that users are currently faced when installing an Android app in terms of permissions.

These are just are our top three items from Google IO but there are plenty more IO announcements to be excited about. Keep in touch with us on Twitter and check out or site.

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