Ahoy World!

I’m happy to announce the public launch of Buccaneer Tech INC, a software development company proudly based out of New Jersey that specializes in bringing the best of the open-source world to enterprises.

Buccaneer is founded by mobile industry veteran and Coder Radio host Michael Dominick, whose personal software development blog can be found here and a staff of US based veteran developers with decades of experience ranging from enterprise web application development to mobile app development. The team’s previous development work has been featured in such places as the the NY Times, CBS News Online, and TechCrunch as well as a number of other outlets. For more information on the team’s previous work, please contact us. Whatever your business needs, we have the expertise to provide solutions that meet your business needs and modernize your software.

We’ve already begun sharing open-source code on Github and have a lot more planned in terms of sharing and contributing back to the community. If you’re interested in collaborating please, follow us there.

If you have a project that you’d like us to get started on this Summer, contact us. Otherwise, stay tuned! We are just kicking off here and have plenty more announcements up our sleeves, including a potential internship program for this Summer and some more open-source goodness on Github.